Capo di tutti capi

Mikko Taipale, PhD

Assistant professor, capo di tutti capi.

Education: University of Oulu (MSc), EMBL Heidelberg (PhD), Whitehead Institute (Postdoc)

Hometown: Helsinki, Finland

Other activities: Ice hockey, sous vide cooking

  • Doing things that PIs do (not experiments) 90%
  • Doing experiments 10%
  • Fixing liquid handling robots 10%

Mandy Lam, PhD

Lab manager

Education: University of Toronto (BSc, PhD)

Hometown: Mississauga, Ontario

Other activities: Knitting, not ballet


  • Lab managering 70%
  • Doing experiments 30%
  • Chasing Mikko’s receipts 10%

Chris Mogg, MSc


Education: Carleton University (BSc, MSc)

Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario

Other activities: Baking goodies, watching YouTube


  • Doing lab technician things 75%
  • Helping Mandy 25%
  • Attempting to impose order upon chaos 10%

Juline Poirson, PhD

Postdoctoral fellow

Education: University of Strasbourg, France (MSc and PhD)

Hometown: Isle-Aubigny, France

Other activities: Climbing, running, drawing

  • Discovering E3 ligase/DUB/target interactions 75%
  • Inhibiting the proteasome 25%
  • Making many, many, many stable cell lines 10%

Irene Trinh, PhD

Postdoctoral fellow

Education: University of Toronto (BSc and PhD)

Hometown: Chatham, Ontario

Other activities: Baking, knitting

  • Studying rewired interaction networks in disease 80%
  • TMT multiplexing 20%
  • Dealing with two postdoc advisors 10%

Hunsang Lee, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Education: Simon Fraser University (BSc), Seoul National University (PhD)

Hometown: Seoul, Korea

Other activities: Cycling (for now)

  • Developing methods for ligand/receptor interactions 70%
  • Trying to kill all 293T cells 25%
  • CRISPRing everything 15%

Jessica Lacoste, BSc

Graduate Student

Education: Dalhousie University (BSc)

Hometown: Thornhill, Ontario

Other activities: Taking pictures of Todd, running

  • Phenotyping Mendelian disease mutations 70%
  • Taking pictures of cells (not cats) 20%
  • Staring at microscopy images on a giant monitor 20%

Nader Alerasool, MSc

Graduate Student

Education: University of Esfahan (BSc), University of Heidelberg (MSc)

Hometown: Esfahan, Iran

Other activities: Still nothing interesting

  • Making proteins meet new partners… 75%
  • …and studying the outcome of these encounters 25%
  • Cloning, cloning, cloning 10%

Benjamin Piette, MSc

Graduate Student

Education: Université de Montréal (BSc, MSc)

Hometown: Berthierville, Quebec

Other activities: Watching movies

  • Characterizing the Hsp70/Hsp40 interaction network 75%
  • Learning the tricks of mass spectrometry 15%
  • Dealing with two PhD supervisors 20%

Dmitri Segal, BSc

Graduate Student

Education: University of Western Ontario (BSc)

Hometown: Richmond Hill, Ontario

Other activities: Ice hockey

  • Mapping the interactome of 14-3-3 isoforms 65%
  • Trying to find a better name for 14-3-3 proteins 25%
  • Playing hockey with old men (Puckheads) 20%

Abeeshan Selvabaskaran

Undergraduate Student

Education: University of Toronto

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

Other activities: Graphic design, dragonboat, cooking eggs

  • Characterizing the interactomes of cancer fusion proteins 80%
  • Helping Dmitri with experiments 15%
  • Debating whether to write FAM22A or NUTM2A 15%

Syed Haider

Undergraduate Student

Education: University of Toronto

Hometown: Lahore, Pakistan

Other activities: Cricket, ranting over the TTC

  • Killing all kinds of cells 72%
  • Finding new ways to kill cells 37%
  • Feeling remorse for killing cells 1%